Yeni Kelimeler - New Words

Teknolojinin gelişmesiyle İngilizce'ye yeni giren kelimeler

02/01/2010 22:17:46

Many new words have been formed in the area of computing in the past few years... and more will soon appear in the market. Many new words have been formed in the area of computing in the past few years. The Information Superhighway and the Internet allow computer users to connect with computers all over the world, and use electronic mail: e-mail, now used by many of us in preference to snail mail,

01/28/2010 16:04:09

GOOGLE: to use the Google search engine to obtain information about (as a person) on the World Wide Web - Herhangi bir konu hakkında bilgi edinmek için Google arama motorunu kullanmak. For many people, "Google" is synonymous with the web. So the word "Google" was declared a verb by the Oxford English Dictionary in June 2006. Now it seems that Merriam-Webster have also included it. As defined in Wi

01/28/2010 16:01:06

HACKER : 1. başkasına ait bir bilgisayar sistemine izinsiz olarak bilgi çalmak, zarar vera person who gets someone else's computer system without permission in order to steal information, damage or do something illegal mek veya yasal olmayan birşeyler yapmak için giren kişi HACHER : 2. a person who writes software programs or who is an expert at programming and solving computer problems - yazılım