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Tuesday, 22 June 2010  Have you ever If so, you could be the country's latest gadget "It's a very young field of research, but there is some evidence to suggest that girls who spend too much time on Facebook Teenagers, necessarily, are a high-risk group, as are those who've had a  How to tell if you're       Tech addict: When you just can't switch off 

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Jeremy Laurance Listening to MP3 players at high volume increases the risk of In the past it was A into the ear canal Damage to hearing is not the only risk. Some studies have shown that listening to an iPod or MP3 player while driving can " "As the EU develops new Vocabulary Exercise      Warning: iPods Can Damage Your Hearing 

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By Stephen Foley in New York Tuesday, 6 April 2010 More than two months after it was It was a figure that many in the business The iPad, a kind of super-size iPod Touch, was Some Wall Street analysts appeared to have been Shelly Palmer, technology and media Vocabulary Exercise      Apple iPad sales reach 300,000 on first day 

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We grease up to In the last official trailer announcing even more characters for Super Street Fighter IV, the sound of a Before you But while Turkish oil wrestling may be real, Hakan's looks and move set are definitely more on the fantastical side rather than realistic. A Hakan's comedic value really shines when he performs his super and two ultras. His flying oil While Hakan's unique fighting sty

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By Maggie Shiels  Technology reporter, BBC News, GDC, San Francisco  The world's largest social network has suggests around three The "The next  ingredients But some developers questioned what "If I knew that, I wouldn't tell you the answer. I would go out and make it," said Pete Morrish of developer Waterfront Entertainment. Dasha Kobzeva of Playrix Entertainment was a little more But Farmville,

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By Tom Rayner, Press Association Wednesday, 10 February 2010 Lonely men looking for love around Valentine's Day are being warned of an The Flirt Bot was discovered by security specialists PC Tools after targeting a user on MSN's instant messaging service today. The programme pretends to be a 21-year-old female and After discussing the colour of its Similar bots - computer programmes which respond

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By Jonathan Fildes Science and technology reporter, BBC News  A tiny chemical "brain" which could one day act as a remote control for  The molecular device - just two billionths of a metre across - was able to control eight of the microscopic machines simultaneously. Writing in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, scientists say it could also be used to "If [in the future] you want to

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By Jenna Wortham The The most popular theory was that the markings were signs of the lost city of Atlantis. But Bits readers also wondered if the maze of lines could be anything from the mystical island featured on the television show "Lost' to an underwater lair According to Google, it's time to In an interview, Steve Miller, product manager for Ocean in Google Earth, firmly While sound waves are

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By: Andy Pipes 26/05/09 at 5:01 pm Recently, Channel 4 Some top-line Yet despite living such a 'connected' life, kids these days still find technology a These activities seem to be making up for not spending as much physical time with their friends as they'd like - which seems to be most of the time. On the weekends, when typical young adults have the most free time, they are still spending more t