iPad İlk Gününde 300 binlik Satış Rakamına Ulaştı - Apple iPad Sales Reach 300 000 on First Day

04/07/2010 00:00:00

Apple iPad sales reach 300,000 on first day

By Stephen Foley in New York

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

More than two months after it wasunveiled, at the end of weeks of mediabuild-upand afrenziedweekend ofhype, theofficialnumber is in: Apple sold 300,000 of its new iPad on the first day on sale in the US.

It was a figure that many in the businesscommunityfoundunderwhelming, given the pictures over the weekend ofexcitablebuyerslining upoutside Apple stores all over the country, many infancydress, some having travelled from the Middle East and Europe specially to beamongthe first to get their hands on the newdevice.

The iPad, a kind of super-size iPod Touch, washailedby ApplechiefexecutiveSteve Jobs at itslaunchin January as a whole new category of electronic device, somewhere between a smartphone and a laptop computer. It has been designed as a new way to read books and magazines, to play games and to watch video, and earlyreviewsof the device were positive.

Some Wall Street analysts appeared to have beenluredintoexaggeratedforecastsfor early sales by the excitement of those Apple fans who had camped out to get into stores first thing.

Shelly Palmer, technology and mediaconsultantand founder of Advanced Media Ventures, said the iPad is noreplacementfor a laptop, which could limit its growth. "It was specifically designed to make watching video, surfing the web and playing games a fantastic personal experience. And if that's what you're into, it will notdisappoint. Should you run out and buy one? Only if you want a great,gorgeous, new,shiny, conversation starter."

 " http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/apple-ipad-sales-reach-300000-on-first-day-" 

Vocabulary Exercise

We all put on ..... dresses for the party. Everybody liked our costumes.
  • casual
  • ugly
  • fancy
He has to hire a ..... . Otherwise his company will go bankrupt.
  • office boy
  • consultant
  • unskilled worker
You look ..... . Have you lose weight lately?
  • gorgeous
  • gorgeously
  • gorgeousness
I have just learnt that my best friend is a big liar. I am ..... now.
  • disappointing
  • disappointed
  • disappoint
This is the most complicated ..... I have ever seen in my life. Would you please explain me how to use this?
  • devices
  • deviced
  • device

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