Street Fighter'ın Yeni Versiyonunda Bir De Türk Karakter Var: HAKAN - Super Street Fighter IV Updated Hands On - Hakan, Ibuki, Makoto, and Dudley

03/12/2010 00:00:00

Super Street Fighter IV Updated Hands On - Hakan, Ibuki, Makoto, and Dudley

We grease up totake onSuper Street Fighter IV's newest character, as well as take some Street Fighter IIIinducteesfor a testbrawl.

In the last official trailer announcing even more characters for Super Street Fighter IV, the sound of asloshingliquid and a mysterious voice-over hinted that there may be more surprises coming from the upgrade to last year's fighting game favourite. Capcom finallyunveiledwhat that last surprise was overnight, introducing a brand new character joining the Super Street Fighter IV ranks: thebulky, red-skinned, oil-obsessedTurkish fighter known as Hakan.

Before youdismissthe greased-up Hakan as a completely unrealistic addition, let it be known that Turkish oilwrestlingis a realmartial art(as evidenced by several YouTube clips) and was found by the team behind Super Street Fighter IV. This was after producer Yoshinori Ono asked hissquadtoscourthe Internet for interesting and unusual fight styles on which a brand new character could be based. Ono told GameSpot that with all of the other recent additions to the SSFIVrosterbeing classic characters from the Alpha and III series, he wanted to introduce a new,wackyaddition along the likes of a Blanka or a Dhalsim.Hence, Hakan was born.

But while Turkish oil wrestling may be real, Hakan's looks and move set are definitely more on the fantastical side rather than realistic. Agrapplerat hiscore, the potency and range of Hakan's basic moves are affected by how oily he is, with players able to add more oil to his body at any time via a dragon punch move along with any kick button. Like Zangief, Hakan's most powerful moves are throws: the oil rocket (performed via a full circle stick move plus a punch button) sees Hakangrabhis opponent in abearhug, with the pressure of the hug and his greasy frame eventuallysqueeze outhisfoe; and the oildive, which sees Hakan grab a combatant and slide around with him/her on the ground. Doing a half circle move with punch performs an oil slide, where Hakan slides along the ground to knock down foes (the oilier you are, the faster and longer the slide). This can be followed up with another bodyslamby pressing a punch button at the end of the slide.

Hakan's comedic value really shines when he performs his super and two ultras. His flying oilspinsuper sees him running a short distance before grabbing an enemy and performing a combo, while his first ultra--the oilcoaster--has Hakan throwing an opponent in the air before sliding him or her around his body at ever increasingvelocity. His second ultra--the oil combination hold--isboundtodrawlaughs the first few times you see it. With this ultra (performed by quickly tapping down three times on the stick and pressing all three kick buttons), Hakan lays flat on his back. If an opponent happens to jump onto theproneTurk, he or she will slip on his oilygut, landing face down on the ground. Hakan then jumps on top and squeezes with an almighty effort, eventually popping out thehaplessfoe from between his legs and sending him or her shooting off across the stage. The move looks to be a purely defensive ultra and can be a little off putting but still a lot of fun to pull off.

While Hakan's unique fighting style may mean he'll take some getting used to, fans of the variousincarnationsof Street Fighter III will be pleased to know that the character additions to SSFIV feel very much like they used to, with a few minor exceptions. Pugilist Dudley, for example,retainsmuch of his move set from Third Strike, such as the jet upper, machinegun blast, cross counter, short swing blows, and variousduckingcombos. He even gets his thunderbolt charge move back, which was last seen in 2nd Impact. Dudley's super is still the rocket upper (which is essentially a chain of jet uppers), while his two ultras were also featured in Third Strike--the rolling thunder and thecorkscrewcross (which has now evolved into an impressive-looking horizontal tornado that spins an opponent).

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