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06/23/2010 09:38:17

Tech addict: When you just can't switch off

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Have you everinterruptedchildbirth,coitus, a wedding or a graduation ceremony, afuneralor a minute's silence to send a text? Is your ideal six-monthsabbaticalfrom work an extended period playing World of Warcraft in a windowless bedroom?

If so, you could be the country's latest gadgetjunkie, reared on years of laptop hogging and online high living.

"It's a very young field of research, but there is some evidence to suggest that girls who spend too much time on Facebookmiss outon key developmental steps and could feelimmature. Extreme cases can put people's education and employment at risk. Then there are the physicalaspects. You can have a poor diet, lose weight, not eat properly. If teenagers are pulling all-nighters they might turn tostimulants, like caffeine ortaurine, and there is evidence that can increase anxiety in the long-term."

Teenagers, necessarily, are a high-risk group, as are those who've had abereavement, separation orredundancy. But no one is free from its impact.

How to tell if you're hooked

  • Do youseekseekrefugein thevirtualworld at times of emotionalturmoil? Spending time gaming rather than addressing problems is a classic sign ofaddiction.

  • Addicts will often give up on evening reading - and even their sex lives - in favour of the joys of social networking. Tweeting before bed and accessing Facebook the moment you wake isindicativeofobsessivecompulsion.

  • If you find yourself paying more attention to your Blackberry than your dinner companion, you may have a problem. New research suggests that as technology addiction takes hold our ability to empathisediminishes.

  • Agenuinefeeling of panic when your phone loses its signal or runs out of battery may indicate the beginnings of adependency, psychologists say.

  • Deceivingfriends, family and yourself about how long you spend online is a clear sign of an embedded technology addiction that may need addressing.

 " http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/

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