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The PLAY between the EAT Hood River is known for its incredible harvest seasons; hit the "Fruit Loop' and drive around the picturesque valley below Mount Hood, stopping for a flat of SLEEP The Columbia Cliff Villas, just west of town are

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Eating can be the best part of travelling. To get you Patatas bravas (potatoes in a The Food historians still Shanghai dumplings have to be tasted to be believed. The Chinese call them xiǎolóngbaō, and they are one of the items most fought over during Taste out a steaming pot of gumbo is as central to life in New Orleans as listening to jazz, zydeco or swamp blues, or The minute you arrive in Casa

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If you drive along the The The coast road is a areas with During your trip you can find peace and quite in small communities on islands right out at the ocean's If you are If the weather gets too   Vocabulary Exercises       The Fjord Coast Route 

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This Ancient Parsa - homeland of the Persians and the source of the name so often given to the entire land - contains not only an enormous number of prehistoric sites with nearly 1 ,000 identified in the Marvdasht alone , but the major Achaemenian and Sassanian Persepolis is situated 58 Kilometers from Shiraz. A large The  Important places:  By far the largest and most magnificent building is th

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Rio de Janeiro, known as the cidade maravilhosa (marvelous city), is nothing if not With the This idea of paradise has Copacabana Beach A Ipanema Beach  Although the beaches of Ipanema and Leblon are one long beach, the postos(posts) along them subdivide the beach into areas as Cristo Redentor One of Rio's most identifiable Vocabulary Exercises      Rio de Janeiro 

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Dubrovnik truly is a Around a town centre you can cross in ten minutes. And it is just this that The Stradun, also called Placa, runs from Pile Gate to Ploce Gate. The paving stones were laid in 1468. At one end (at Pile Gate) is the Onofrio  Sponza Palace  Constructed in 1522 - a survivor of the 1667 earthquake - the Palace has had a variety of uses over the centuries, including where the Republ

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For It offers There's Gyantse, in the Nyang-chu Valley, famed for the largest chörten For many people, Tibet is a uniquely For anyone who travels with their eyes open, a visit to Tibet will be Vocabulary Exercise      Tibet 

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It doesn't take long, however, to Head out west to Giza's famed pyramids and the time warp sets you back a full 4000 years. Meanwhile, the city's main museum bursts at the seams with the  Giza Pyramids  Their  Nilometer  Built in AD 861, the Nilometer was designed to measure the rise and fall of the river, and thus  Roman Towers  The main entrance to the Coptic compound lies between the remains o

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Although Ko Phi Phi was Ko Phi Phi is considered to be one of the most naturally beautiful islands in the world (in fact, there are six islands in Phi Phi). There are The level of service and the friendliness of the Phi Phi Le The second largest of the Phi Phi Islands is Vocabulary Exercise      Ko Phi Phi Island 

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One of the most popular archeological sites of the world, and Even today nobody has been able to solve the mystery how the builders and designers managed to transport the huge blocks of Probably built during the 15th century in a very difficult location, it is the greatest achievement of the Incas architects due to the intelligence and Machu Picchu is located 2300 meters above sea level. Without d