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Persepolis - Iran

Thisvastland is of the oldest civilization center and was the capital for Iranian kings for centuries.Splendidand importantmonumentsare remained from differentdynastiesin this province.

Ancient Parsa - homeland of the Persians and the source of the name so often given to the entire land - contains not only an enormous number of prehistoric sites with nearly 1 ,000 identified in the Marvdasht alone , but the major Achaemenian and Sassanianremainsin the country.

Persepolis is situated 58 Kilometers from Shiraz. A largebareplain, surrounded bymauvecliffswith sharp edges. It is there , in the center of the Marvdasht basin , that Cyrus the Great chose, toward the end of hisreign, to build under the shelter of a fold in the mountains, apalaceworthyof the Empire. It was named Parsa , but later undersubsequentGreek influence became known as Persepolis, "The city of the Persians". The works started in 518 BC by Dariush I. The siteconsistsof the remains of several monumental buildings on a vast stone terrace surrounded by a brick wall.

Thesplendorof Persepolis, however,lastedonly two centuries. Itsmajesticaudience halls andresidentialpalacesperishedinflameswhen Alexander the GreatconqueredandlootedPersepolis not long before the death of the last of the Achaemenian, Dariush III, in 330 BC.

Important places:

By far the largest and most magnificent building is the Apadana, begun by Darius and finished by Xerxes, that was used mainly for great receptions by the kings. Thirteen of its seventy-two columns still stand on the enormous platform to which two monumental stairways, on the north and on the east, give access. They areadornedwithrowsof beautifullyexecutedrelief showing scenes from the New Year's festival andprocessionsof representatives of twenty-three subject nations of the Achaemenid Empire, with court notables and Persians and Medes, followed by soldiers and guards, their horses, androyalchariots. Delegates in their nativeattire, some completely Persian in style, carry gifts astokenof theirloyaltyand astributeto the king. These gifts include silver and goldvesselsand vases, weapons,wovenfabric, jewelry, and animals from the delegates' own countries.

At some 13 km northwest of Persepolis are the Achaemenian royaltomb. There rises a perpendicular wall of rock in which four similar tombs are cut at a considerable height from the bottom of the valley. This place is called Nakhsh-eRostam, from the Sassanian carvings below the tombs, which were thought to represent the mythical hero Rostam.


Vocabulary Exercise:

The ceasefire didn't ..... long. They started to fight again.
  • lasted
  • lasts
  • last
The ..... grew larger as the fire spread.
  • fires
  • flames
  • flammable
The ..... has denied the rumors about the Prince.
  • Place
  • Palace
  • Palate
I went to the cemetery and visited the family ..... yesterday.
  • tomb
  • tome
  • tame
A soccer team ..... of eleven players.
  • consisted
  • consist
  • consists

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