Fiyord Sahil Yolu - The Fjord Coast Route

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The Fjord Coast Route

If you drive along thecoastofFjordNorway you will be met with less traffic,scenicferrycrossingsand an amazing coastal scenery at the Fjord Coast Route.

Theroarof the wavesaccompaniesyou almost all the way - from the soft beaches of Jæren in Rogaland, to thelushskerriesof Hordaland and less well-known mountains,glaciersand fjords in Sogn og Fjordane and thepeaksandcliffsteemingwith nesting birds on the Møre coast.

The coast road is astretchof road thathugsthe shore along theentirecoast of Western Norway, from Kristiansand to Trondheim.En route, there arecountlessgems - small towns and villages,spectacularbridges and natural attractions that will take your breath away.

Shelteredareas withtidalcurrentswhere the fish bite, thewesternmostpoint inmainlandEurope, glaciers with views of the sea, mountains rising straight up from the ocean, sea eagleshoveringover the cliffs where thebreakersmeet theshore. If you want to get closer to the elements, you canhirea boat,take partin a guided kayaking trip or walk along well-marked coastal paths. Or simply lie and relax on the warm rocks by the shore while listening to theseagullsand thelappingof the waves. It's all there waiting for you.

During your trip you can find peace and quite in small communities on islands right out at the ocean'sedge. The people on Norway's West Coast have always taken advantage of the area's rich resources in pact with nature - the ancient hunting communities in prehistoric times, the Vikinglegacy, the fisher-farmer tradition and today's hi-tech production of fish and energy.

If you arefortunateenough to experience a storm,pauseand admire the forces of nature at work. You are guaranteed to spend some time waiting in thelinefor a ferry (there are plenty of them), so bring afishing rod.

If the weather gets toochilly, justseekshelter. In a cabin, on a farm, at a hotel - or perhaps in an oldlighthouse-keeper's house? Thehospitablepeople along the coast will give you a warm welcome wherever you decide to stay.

Vocabulary Exercises

It is getting ..... . Can you give me my sweater, please?
  • hot
  • chilly
  • dark
The kids were standing in ..... waiting for their teacher.
  • currents
  • pause
  • line
I'm ..... that I have such an understanding family.
  • peak
  • fortunate
  • cliff
The people in the village were very kind and ..... .
  • hospitable
  • countless
  • sheltered
It was the worst day in my ..... life. I felt like an idiot.
  • roar
  • hug
  • entire

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