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Mykonos is the most famous island in theAegeanSea as well as the most cosmopolitan of all Greek islands. Itattractsvisitors from all over the world including a lot ofcelebrities. The beautiful golden sandy beaches, thelivelyatmosphere and the traditional cycladic architecture represented by thenumeroussmall churches and the houses, along with little Venice make Mykonos an island to remember.

Thewindmillsconstituteone of the symbols of the island along with the islands mascot "Petros" the pelican who lives at the port of "Hora" the capital of the island. Although Mykonos has no real historical background there are three interesting museums to visit.


Archaeological Museum

Housed in a neo-classical building of 1901, in the northeast side of "Hora'. It containsexhibitsfrom the nearby island of Rhenea,sculptures,potsandstatuettes. Look for the big vase ofclayfrom theTrojanWar. Folk Art Museum opened in 1962, contains collections of furniture, ceramics, traditional costumes and traditional musical instruments. Among the exhibits you will see the first "Petros" the pelican, stuffed.

Nautical Museum

Opened in 1985, here you can see ships from the early Minoan period to the 19th century, maps and documents and in general exhibits from thenavaltradition of the island.

Panagia Paraportiani

The most photographedmonumenton the island is Paraportiani church. It consists of a complex of five churches. Four of them are on the ground level and one raised. The ground floor of the complex consists of Agios Efstathios, Agioi Anargyroi, Agios Sozontas and Agia Anastasia The church of Paraportiani is built above Agios Efstatios and actually got its name from the fact that it stands at the small entrance to themedievalfortress. The building started in 1425 and was not completed until the 17th century.


In the past there were 16 windmills serving for thegrindingof agricultural products. These days some have been restored and are used as museums and others have beenrenovatedand are used as houses.

Little Venice

Little Venice is one of the mostcharmingdistricts of Hora and one of the prettiest places in the Cyclades. Its picturesque two - and three -storeyhouses, with colorful balconies, windows and doors built right on the sea, form a unique picture. Little Venice is the perfectspotfrom which to view the sunset.

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Vocabulary Exercise

Have you ever been to Holland and seen the ..... there.
  • windmills
  • windshield
  • windscreen
Istanbul is a very ..... city for foreigners especially.
  • outrageous
  • charming
  • disgusting
I visited the Yerebatan Cistern last week. There was a ..... of Medusa's head inside the cistern.
  • pot
  • clay
  • sculpture
Did you recognize him? He is a well known ..... . Let's ask for a photo.
  • famous
  • notorious
  • celebrity
After the flood we had to ..... our house.
  • renovates
  • renovated
  • renovating

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