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Sofra şekeri gibi sanayi ürünü olan fruktoz şurubu yıllardır içeceklerin ve bazı hazır yiyeceklerin tatlandırılmasında kullanılıyor, neden zararlı? Zararına rağmen üreticiler tarafından neden tercih ediliyor? Okumak içi tıklayın.

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The brain research had shown that sleep helps people But the new study, a For example, sleep-enabled memories may help people "The sleeping brain isn't stupid—it doesn't just consolidate everything you put into it, but calculates what to remember and what to forget," said study leader Jessica Payne, a , the memory details that Payne and preserving scenes in their Measurements of brain activity sup

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We all have stress in our lives and how we Follow your If you have unhealthful habits, work to remove them from your day to day life. Things such as smoking can not only negatively affect your long term health, they can also Remember, you can only do the best you can do, if there are too many  

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While most enjoy the summer sun, high temperatures can pose a significant risk to health. Under normal , on This leads to It is What is the best way to  Drink lots of  As you will be losing more The best way to keep yourself hydrated is to drink water, and to On an average day, a person weighing 58kg (128lb) should drink eight average-sized glasses of water. In very hot weather, You might think a

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While the average life research on the genetic In the largest study of its kind, the Dr. Sebastiani said that the "genetics is Only about 1 in 6,000 reach the age of 100 in industrialized countries, and most of them    Vocabulary Exercise 

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June 22, 2010  on restaurant tables may become Under the Ministry of Health's new initiative, cafeteria menus at public-service institutions, schools, universities and military facilities will all be The amount of salt in traditional Turkish Restaurants, cafés and other private establishments will be encouraged to serve low-sodium training courses will be offered in parts of the country where sal

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Christine Dell'Amore   National Geographic News  Our bodies of the chemical are often found in mouse and human The new research shows that mice produce the "incredible In the study, researchers injected mice with an extra dose of a natural brain chemical called tetrahydropapaveroline (THP), which humans and mice are known to produce. Using a tool called a mass spectrometer to analyze the mouse ur

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Millions of people Some people with pollen allergy develop asthma, a serious There are three general Because allergies result from a  Vocabulary Exercise       Pollen Allergy 

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Monday 19 April 2010  Cooking meat at high temperatures or until it is The warning to barbecue lovers adds weight to other research that suggested In the latest study, scientists found that people who eat meat Experts have shown that cooking meat at high temperatures creates chemicals that are not originally "Higher The researchers added that people who ate a lot of Professor Xifeng Wu, who worke