Öğlen yemeğinizi daha besleyici hale getirin - Make lunch more nutritious by adding fruit, vegetables

04/07/2011 10:20:00

It's important that your lunch should give youfueluntil dinner time. Anutritiouslunch will help you feelenergizedandalertfor afternoon. This spring,revampyour lunch strategy and think "Vegetables and Fruit ... Put abunchin Your Lunch."

During the month of April start achallengefor yourself or for your family, to eat more vegetables and fruit each day. The goal for lunch is to eat at least twoservingsfrom the vegetables and fruit food group every day.

To start, write down arewardyou'll get if you reach the goal. Don't make the reward food!Insteadtry rewards like: extra time to read a book, 10 minutes of extra sleep, or watching your favourite movie.

Next, make a list of all the vegetables and fruit you like. Chooseat leastthree vegetables and three fruits from your list to have that week. They can be fresh,frozen, or cooked.Cannedvegetables and fruit are OK but they have more sodium and sugar, so eat themlessoften.

Keep trackof how many times during the week you ate both servings of vegetables and fruit. Reward yourselfonly ifyou ate at least two servings at lunch each day.

To keep the challengefunandsatisfying, choose different vegetables and fruit each week. Eatinga variety ofvegetables and fruit is a good way to help you get a balance of vitamins and minerals.


  • Find the synonyms of the words below from the text. (Aşağıdaki kelimelerin eş anlamlılarını metinden bulun.)
  • Answer the questions below. (Aşağıdaki sorulara cevap verin.)
  1. Do you think you should revamp your lunch?
  2. Do you usually eat out or prepare your food at home? Do you think it is good for you?

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