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Sofra şekeri gibi sanayi ürünü olan fruktoz şurubu yıllardır içeceklerin ve bazı hazır yiyeceklerin tatlandırılmasında kullanılıyor, neden zararlı? Zararına rağmen üreticiler tarafından neden tercih ediliyor? Okumak içi tıklayın.

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While most enjoy the summer sun, high temperatures can pose a significant risk to health. Under normal , on This leads to It is What is the best way to  Drink lots of  As you will be losing more The best way to keep yourself hydrated is to drink water, and to On an average day, a person weighing 58kg (128lb) should drink eight average-sized glasses of water. In very hot weather, You might think a

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Relax News   Tuesday, 9 March 2010  In addition to According to, a Banana The  with folic acid and magnesium, both are  Walnuts contain healthy amounts of omega-3s and uridine. The combination of both is thought to be a natural antidepressant, according to a Harvard Medical Study published in Biological Psychology in February 2005. Dark chocolate  Chocolate really can make you happy,