Facebook Üzerinden Para Paylaşımı - Money Sharing Comes To Facebook

03/03/2010 13:41:50

Money Sharing Comes To Facebook

2 March 2010

Friends on socialnetworkingsite Facebook can now send smallpaymentsdirectlyto each otherviaanapplicationcalled Buxter.

Buxterhandlestransactionsin Euros or US dollars, with plans tolaunchinSterlingin the next four weeks.

Othercurrenciesaresubjectto a 5%conversionfeeat the point of upload to a Buxteraccount.

The company behind the application is ClickandBuy whichoperatesan online payment service across the web.

More than 13 million people across the world already have accounts with it, and a ClickandBuy account isrequiredin order to use Buxter.

Transactions between Buxter accounts are free to make and receive but a 1.9% commission fee, minimum 2 euros or $3 (£2), ischargedto move the money to another source such as a bank account.

"People share theirstatuses, their information and their pictures on Facebook so the question is why not share money there too?" Christian von Hammel-Bonten,seniorvice presidentat ClickandBuy told BBC News.

The application is designed for fairly small payments (a maximum of 50 euros (£45) can be held in any one account) and transactions can only be madeamongpeople who are friends on Facebook.

Mr von Hammel-Bonten said he hoped people would use the service to pay each other for shared expenses such as cinema tickets and restaurant billsinitially.

"We're not trying tocompetewith national banking systems. This is not somewhere to pay your gas or rent," he said.

 " http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/8545487.stm

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