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Okuma bölümünde her seviyeye uygun, kelime (vocabulary) ve yapı (grammar) bilginizi artırmanıza yardımcı olacak fıkralar, film özetleri, kısa hikayeler, haberler, şiirler ve ne okuyacağınıza karar vermenize yardımcı niteliğinde İngilizce hikaye ve roman özetlerini bulacaksınız.

10/18/2010 12:53:26

The UN biodiversity The two-week Japan's Environment Minister Ryo Matsumoto said biodiversity loss would become Much hope is being Ahmed Djoghlaf, "[Buddhist to the target set at the UN World Summit in 2002, he said: "Let's have the courage to look in the eyes of our children and admit that we have failed, "Let us look in the eyes of our children and admit that we continue to lose biodiversity at

10/14/2010 11:13:34

of a village in the northern Turkey are in a war against the construction of a hydroelectric station on Devrekanı River, saying that 'the trees in 210,000 Following the lead of similar "We are waiting for the expert report from "Some 6,000 villagers in [the coastal district of] Cide already experience water "The The hydroelectric station, or HES, will have a dramatic "Why should we lose what we ha

10/13/2010 00:00:00

The Hungarian Website BEOL has reported that a The stork was making a However, some Power has now been The stork,  

10/08/2010 10:43:08

Two students at Istanbul's Yıldız Technical University were Photographs from the event showed the two students being Yılmaz and Tüzer were After Gül entered the auditorium to begin his speech Wednesday, the two students allegedly tried to enter the building as well but were prevented from doing so because only , the two students allegedly opened their banner which said, "We want free education, we

10/06/2010 11:01:46

Mothers are more The More than half of the 2,672 mothers questioned (55%) said they had The findings also suggest 51% thought it was wrong to More than one in five of the mums (22%) surveyed agreed with the statement that they let their sons get away with more, The Boys were more likely to be described as Almost half of mothers questioned (48%) said their sons were Crissy Duff, "This could be why

10/04/2010 11:07:22

Web-dreaming one day, writer Cathy FitzGerald The article detailed the carpet's many uses - military, as a means of The article She goes on to meet a Japanese astronaut who took a real carpet into space - and flew it, a Muslim whose prayer mat rises above the , cultural historian Marina Warner explains the We dream of flying and often Cathy FitzGerald To listen to the story :

10/01/2010 10:29:25

Nisi and Pisi, a Van cat, are "In the cartoon film titled The cartoon is part of a wider social responsibility project to He also noted that after the cartoon, a " 

09/30/2010 16:39:18

Pete and Sally had been married for 59 years, not always happily - Sally takes Pete home, tucks him in bed, and pats his head as she carries on with her tasks. Pete lays in bed With all his remaing strength he pulls himself up on his feet and

09/29/2010 10:20:39

While happiness can can make moods more negative, Moshe Bar, a psychologist at Harvard, What are the According to this line of thinking, the reason alcohol makes us feel good may be that it Happiness at the Speed of Thought 

09/27/2010 11:24:53

Director: Christopher Nolan  Writer: Christopher Nolan Leading Roles: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy Country: USA & UK Runtime: 148 min Dom Cobb is a Now Cobb is offered a chance at Synopsis: