Ankete göre anneler kız çocuklara karşı daha sert - Mothers 'harder on daughters than sons', poll suggests

10/06/2010 11:01:46

Mothers are morecriticalof their daughters than their sons and let boysget away withmore, a poll suggests.

Ankete göre anneler kız

Thesurveyby the website Netmums found mothers were twice as likely to be critical of their daughters than their sons (21% compared to 11.5%).

More than half of the 2,672 mothers questioned (55%) said they hadformeda strongerbondwith their boys.

The findings also suggest 51% thought it was wrong totreatboys and girls differently.

More than one in five of the mums (22%) surveyed agreed with the statement that they let their sons get away with more,turning a blind eyeto behaviour for which they wouldreprimandtheir girls.

Thepollfound mothers were morelikelytoattributepositive personalitytraitsto their sons than their daughters.

Boys were more likely to be described asfunny,cheeky, playful and loving, while girls were more likely to be described asstroppy, eager to please, serious andargumentative.

Almost half of mothers questioned (48%) said their sons weremummy's boys.

'Wake-up call'

Crissy Duff,psychotherapeuticcounsellorwith Netmums, said: "Womenin particularseem to carry the feelings of parentaldisapprovaland negativetypinginto their adulthood.

"This could be why women are far more self-critical than men, who have a morehappy go luckyattitude when it comes to making mistakes and moving past them."

Siobhan Freegard, co-founder of Netmums, said: "As a mum of two boys and a girl, I know first-hand that, try as we might, it can be very hard to treat all of your children the same.

"It's a powerfulcallto change thecurrentgenderdynamics, which is a huge ask, but anachievableone."

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