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Okuma bölümünde her seviyeye uygun, kelime (vocabulary) ve yapı (grammar) bilginizi artırmanıza yardımcı olacak fıkralar, film özetleri, kısa hikayeler, haberler, şiirler ve ne okuyacağınıza karar vermenize yardımcı niteliğinde İngilizce hikaye ve roman özetlerini bulacaksınız.

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is in and a great way to Step 1 Materials required Step 2: Clean the CD case with a wet wipe or Step 3: Open the case fully so that both sides lie Step 4: the open frame space of the CD case. Cut the pictures or photos you want to frame to the Step 5: the cut picture into the front frame of the CD case. Step 6: Use ribbons in a color which Step 7: Use small, colorful stickers or use colored Step 8

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Daniell Morrisey: How to prepare a killer CV Posted: 01/08/06 By: Oliver Luft Jonathan, Manchester.  No easy answers! A quick look on Amazon reveals dozens of books dedicated to writing Power CVs, Impact Résumés and Winning Cover Letters. You can buy software to compile your CV or pay a CV-writing company. Many people have strong views on CVs. Are there 'rules'? Should your CV be one page or two?

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On Feb. 2, 2007, the United Nations scientific panel studying climate change declared that the evidence of a warming trend is " The addition of that single word "very" did more than reflect mounting scientific evidence that the The greenhouse effect has been part of the earth's workings since its earliest days. Gases like carbon dioxide and methane allow sunlight to reach the earth, but prevent so

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Learn all you can about the company or organization; learn as much as you can so that your questions are Be prepared to answer and ask questions. Prepare your clothes for your interview, making sure they are business-like, clean, pressed and Prepare papers for your interview, including extra copies of your resume, job reference lists, reference letters, legal pad for taking notes, and any other in

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Please first read the whole article without using a dictionary, make sure of understanding the meaning of underlined words or word groups. Then read the meanings which are written in a mixed order below the article. Write the numbers in the blanks. If you walk into the interview prepared, you can make sure you know what right things to say, and you can stop yourself from saying the following wrong