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02/01/2010 21:42:14

"Little Women' Louisa May Alcott

Before ages, there are four little women. Their father goes into the army and he doesn't turn back for a long time. Therefore, they have to deal with everthing themselves.

Their names are Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy. Meg is the oldest sister. She looks after the children by earning money. Jo is the second-oldest and she helps their rich aunt. Their aunt has a large library and Jo loves reading and she wants to be writer. Beth is young and so she helps her mother in the house. And Amy is just a little girl who has an artistic taste.

While they live and deal with the hardships of the daily life, they receive a telegram which announces their father is ill. Afterward their mother goes to see their father. The girls have to do everything themselves and the teacher of Laurie (Laurie is their rich neighbour) who is poor but virtuous helps them in everything. Then Beth gets scarlet fever and their mother comes back to home. After a while. Beth gets better.

At Christmas time, their father comes home surprisingly by the help of the teacher of Laurie, Mr. Brooke. Mr. Brooke falls in love with Meg, they get married and move to a little house. Amy goes to Europe with their rich aunt in order to improve her painting skill. Laurie falls in love with Jo. However, Jo thinks that Beth loves him and so she goes to New York to be away from Laurie. Jo becomes a teacher and meets Mr. Bhaer. After Jo returns back her home, Laurie proposes marriage to Jo, but she rejects. After a while, Beth dies. Laurie goes to Europe and meets Amy there. They love each other and get married. Jo feels herself so lonely and she starts writing again. Then Mr. Bhaer comes to visit her and ends her loneliness.

Although the four little women meet many difficulties, they don't give up and nothing can beat them.

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