Dead Man’s Island - “Dead Man’s Island” by John Escott

02/01/2010 21:59:13

"Dead Man's Island' by John Escott

Oxford Bookworms Library - Stage 2

Carol Sanders is a girl living with her family in Hong Kong. She likes listening to the music and her favourite singers are David Bowie and Jake Rosso. One day his father goes to Australia and he dies ina plane accident. Carol gets very sad. After her father's death she gives up listening to music at all. And she and her mother go to England to start a new life. Her mother finds a job in an island as a secretary. She starts working for James Ross. One day Carol finds a locked room and then she finds a way to go into this room. She sees Jake Rosso's photos in the room and she understands James Ross is Jake Rosso in fact. Her favourite singer is living in this island because he killed a young girl. She doesn't tell this to anybody and then her mother and Carol leave the island.

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