Sihirli halı uçurma kılavuzu - The magic carpet flight manual

10/04/2010 11:07:22

Web-dreaming one day, writer Cathy FitzGeraldstumbledon a site belonging to a museum in Iran. Itpurportedto tell the 'true history' of the flying carpet - how it was invented around the time of King Solomon andflourishedwith the rise ofartisanmakers in 11th century Baghdad.

Sihirli halı uçurma klavuzu

The article detailed the carpet's many uses - military, as a means ofaerialattack;commercial,asavehiclefor the transport ofgoods; and cultural, as adeviceto help readers in the library at Alexandria reach the high books - and explained how they were finallywipe outduring the Mongol invasion of Central Asia.

The articleappearsacrossthe web,rarelywith anycaveatorcredit. Cathytracks downits author, the writer Azhar Abidi, and together theyseparatecarpetfictionfrom carpet fact.

She goes on to meet a Japanese astronaut who took a real carpet into space - and flew it, a Muslim whose prayer mat rises above themundaneand a physicist working onlevitationin the quantum world.

Along the way, cultural historian Marina Warner explains theoriginsof the symbol in the Arabian Nights, and wonders whether we had to invent flying carpets in order to learn how to fly.

We dream of flying and oftenlongto flyunaided- is that part of it?

Cathy FitzGeraldexploresthe past, present, and very realfutureof the magic carpet and wonders what our desire todefygravity tells us about ourselves.

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