Ölüm döşeğindeki adam - The man in the deathbad

09/30/2010 16:39:18

Pete and Sally had been married for 59 years, not always happily -by the way. Pete had recently beenhospitalizedwith asevereillness. The doctor has told Pete and Sally to go home as there is no hope for Pete. It is a matter of hours, and Pete mightas welldie at home.

Ölüm döşeğindeki adam

Sally takes Pete home, tucks him in bed, and pats his head as she carries on with her tasks.

Pete lays in bedponderinghisremaininghours when anaromacomeswaftingup the stairs. Pete cries, "Sally, what's that smell?" Hestruggleout of bed when she does not answer the call, and hecrawlto the door. Once again he cries out, "Honey, what's that smell? It smells so good." Again there is no answer, so Petemustersall his remaining strength and crawls down the stairs to the kitchen. He rises up as high as his strength will allow and there on the couter, the table, on everywhere, are giant cholocate chip cookies cooling. She does really love me after all, he thinks. She has made my favorite cookie for me befor I die.

With all his remaing strength he pulls himself up on his feet andstaggersto the closest cookie. He is just about to take a big bite of the warm and moist treat when he feels a slap on his hand and Sally says, "Don't you take one bite of even one of those cookies. Those cookies are for thefuneral." 

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