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İngilizce kelime ve yapı bilginizi geliştrip dünyadan ve Türkiye'den haberleri okuyarak genel kültürünüzü de artırabileceğiniz okuma parçaları

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Mothers are more The More than half of the 2,672 mothers questioned (55%) said they had The findings also suggest 51% thought it was wrong to More than one in five of the mums (22%) surveyed agreed with the statement that they let their sons get away with more, The Boys were more likely to be described as Almost half of mothers questioned (48%) said their sons were Crissy Duff, "This could be why

10/04/2010 11:07:22

Web-dreaming one day, writer Cathy FitzGerald The article detailed the carpet's many uses - military, as a means of The article She goes on to meet a Japanese astronaut who took a real carpet into space - and flew it, a Muslim whose prayer mat rises above the , cultural historian Marina Warner explains the We dream of flying and often Cathy FitzGerald To listen to the story :

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Nisi and Pisi, a Van cat, are "In the cartoon film titled The cartoon is part of a wider social responsibility project to He also noted that after the cartoon, a " 

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While happiness can can make moods more negative, Moshe Bar, a psychologist at Harvard, What are the According to this line of thinking, the reason alcohol makes us feel good may be that it Happiness at the Speed of Thought 

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An Italian man has The town, named, Albert, has one house, a dance hall and a bar that is open on weekends. , the town, which is 100 kilometer north of San Antonio, has no from: 

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Seven human rights- In the play, titled "Yedi' (Seven), journalist-writer Ece Temelkuran will play Nigerian democracy defender Hafsat Abiola, while the lawyer of The play will make its Turkish national theater Riksteatern's producer Figen Solmaz said the play, which is supported by the Swedish Institute and the Swedish Consulate General, would be staged "This play has been staged all around the wo

09/22/2010 16:12:15

We all have stress in our lives and how we Follow your If you have unhealthful habits, work to remove them from your day to day life. Things such as smoking can not only negatively affect your long term health, they can also Remember, you can only do the best you can do, if there are too many  

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Eating can be the best part of travelling. To get you Patatas bravas (potatoes in a The Food historians still Shanghai dumplings have to be tasted to be believed. The Chinese call them xiǎolóngbaō, and they are one of the items most fought over during Taste out a steaming pot of gumbo is as central to life in New Orleans as listening to jazz, zydeco or swamp blues, or The minute you arrive in Casa

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World- The festival, organized by MAP Communications, will be Well-known Turkish pianist Fahir Atakoğlu will share the same stage with Botti as the Also, as part of the festival, one of the world's most Since the the past three for 250 plus days People Magazine also  

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A "The presidential system in the United States is a model which developed as a result of its own historic, social, political and economic The main reason behind the difficulty is Turkey's İlter Turan, professor of International Relations at Bilgi University, said political party leaders in Turkey had "So, the presidential system is in a way applied in Turkey,' he said. "I don't think the presiden