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İngilizce kelime ve yapı bilginizi geliştrip dünyadan ve Türkiye'den haberleri okuyarak genel kültürünüzü de artırabileceğiniz okuma parçaları

02/01/2010 16:37:55

Animals may use sounds to communicate but talking is uniquely human. Yet  Talking is something most people do with such ease. We Yet a complex sequence of thoughts, movements and actions lie behind each and every word we utter. And as adults, we speak 15,000 words every day. So where does language come from, how did this ability One scientist trying to unlock the secret of speech is Professor Sim

01/30/2010 03:54:09

Decision to set aside land to protect birds threatens There are just over 40 breeding pairs of golden eagles left in Britain, all but one in Scotland, but plans for the establishment of a 350,000-hectare Special Protection Area designed to safeguard the future of the raptor has brought conservationists into conflict with the renewable energy industry. A 14-turbine wind farm near Inverary in Argyll

01/30/2010 02:41:16

Observer Christmas appeal 2009: make a change to Stella's life Amelia Gentleman , The Observer This year we have teamed up with a small Ugandan NGO, the Mvule Trust, to provide education When the The nurses struggled to cope with the Stella, now 21, tells this story not so much to evoke sympathy but to explain why she is determined to return to college and study The difficulties began when the ant

01/30/2010 02:36:24

The death of language? By Tom Colls An estimated 7,000 languages are being spoken around the world. But that number is expected to shrink In 1992 a prominent US linguist stunned the academic world by predicting that by the year 2100, 90% of the world's languages would have ceased to exist. Far from inspiring the world to act, the issue is still on the margins, according to prominent French linguis