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01/29/2010 13:31:21

   King & The Fortune Teller - Kral ve Falcı 

01/29/2010 13:29:57

 Two Ladies Talking in Heaven- Cennette Konuşan İki Hanım 

01/29/2010 13:28:10

   The fairy picked up her wand, and Boom! He was ninety. Be Careful What You Wish For - Ne Dilediğinize Dikkat Edin 

01/29/2010 13:27:15

One day Nasreddin borrowed a pot from his neighbour Ali. The next day he brought it back with another little pot inside. Some time later Nasreddin asked Ali to lend him a pot again. Ali agreed, hoping that he would once again receive two pots in return. However, days passed and Nasreddin had still not returned the pot. Finally Ali lost patience and went to demand his property. Nasreddin and the Po

01/29/2010 13:25:15

One day a lion met an Who is the King? - Kral Kim? 

01/29/2010 13:20:49

There was a delicious smell of cooking coming from the restaurant in the middle of Akşehir. A poor, starving man was passing the open window of the restaurant. All he had was a crust of bread, and no money to buy some of the meat balls which he could see frying in a pan. He took out his crust of bread and held it above the pan, hoping to capture some of the delicious vapour. When he ate the bread,

01/29/2010 13:12:48

One day when Nasreddin Hodja was just a boy, his friends decided to play a trick on him. After considerable discussion,they agreed to steal his shoes. But how? Suddenly the leader among the group had an idea. he called. And Nasreddin obligingly came over to see what was wanted.  Nasreddin looked at the tree.Then he looked at his friends. Clearly something besides the tree-climbing was on their min

01/29/2010 12:58:06

A teacher asked her class for sentences using the word said one student. said another. Then little Johnny spoke up: Human being -İnsanoğlu 

01/29/2010 12:51:05

 ------------ What did one ghost say to another?  ------------  At any suspicious noise he wakes the dog and the dog begins to bark. ------------ When I told the doctor about my loss of memory, he made me pay in advance. ------------ I went alone on our honeymoon. My wife had already seen Niagara Falls. ------------ But the psychiatrist really helped me a lot. I would never answer the phone, becau

01/28/2010 20:32:18

King Louis the Third was the king of France about 400 years ago. One day a young man said to the king, The king said to his servants, That evening the man came to the king's private room. The king had a smile on his face, but it was not a friendly smile. He said to the man, Then the young man understood everything. He thought quickly before he answered the king's question. The king stopped smiling