Kral - The King

01/28/2010 20:32:18

The King - Kral

King Louis the Third was the king of France about 400 years ago. One day a young man said to the king, "I can see the future." This couldn't be true, but the king believed him. The young man was pleased and he hoped that he might get an important job. But King Louis thought, "This man knows the future, so he knows more than I know. He is dangerous. I think I must kill him." 

The king said to his servants, "I am going to invite that man to eat with. When he comes, you should watch me. When I lift up my hand, throw him out of the window." 

That evening the man came to the king's private room. The king had a smile on his face, but it was not a friendly smile. He said to the man, "You know the future, so tell me your future. When are you going to die?, Can you see it?" 

Then the young man understood everything. He thought quickly before he answered the king's question. "I am going to die three days before you," he said.

The king stopped smiling. The servants watched the king's hand, but it didn't move. The young man was safe, but he never told another lie after that.

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