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03/11/2010 12:54:32

By Maggie Shiels  Technology reporter, BBC News, GDC, San Francisco  The world's largest social network has suggests around three The "The next  ingredients But some developers questioned what "If I knew that, I wouldn't tell you the answer. I would go out and make it," said Pete Morrish of developer Waterfront Entertainment. Dasha Kobzeva of Playrix Entertainment was a little more But Farmville,

03/05/2010 12:22:55

Rory Carroll, Latin America correspondent, and agencies guardian.co.uk, Thursday 4 March 2010 10.18 GMT workers in Haiti are using Google Earth to track the needs of earthquake teams The information is aid Alex Wynter, a Red Cross spokesman in Haiti. Mapping experts started the project shortly after the magnitude 7.0 quake devastated Port-au-Prince and killed, according to the government, more tha

03/03/2010 13:41:50

2 March 2010  Friends on social Buxter Other The company behind the application is ClickandBuy which More than 13 million people across the world already have accounts with it, and a ClickandBuy account is Transactions between Buxter accounts are free to make and receive but a 1.9% commission fee, minimum 2 euros or $3 (£2), is "People share their The application is designed for fairly small pay

02/10/2010 18:49:49

By Tom Rayner, Press Association Wednesday, 10 February 2010 Lonely men looking for love around Valentine's Day are being warned of an The Flirt Bot was discovered by security specialists PC Tools after targeting a user on MSN's instant messaging service today. The programme pretends to be a 21-year-old female and After discussing the colour of its Similar bots - computer programmes which respond

02/09/2010 15:53:24

Social  When Facebook changed the newsfeed on its homepage last October, the new Now, the protest is starting again. On Friday, the social network began to roll out new changes to the homepage of some 80m users, while the rest of the 320m users will follow in the next few days, according to the website Inside Facebook. Immediately after the site, which recently turned six, started to introduce th

02/01/2010 19:08:16

By Jonathan Fildes Science and technology reporter, BBC News  A tiny chemical "brain" which could one day act as a remote control for  The molecular device - just two billionths of a metre across - was able to control eight of the microscopic machines simultaneously. Writing in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, scientists say it could also be used to "If [in the future] you want to

02/01/2010 19:02:45

By Jenna Wortham The The most popular theory was that the markings were signs of the lost city of Atlantis. But Bits readers also wondered if the maze of lines could be anything from the mystical island featured on the television show "Lost' to an underwater lair According to Google, it's time to In an interview, Steve Miller, product manager for Ocean in Google Earth, firmly While sound waves are

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By: Andy Pipes 26/05/09 at 5:01 pm Recently, Channel 4 Some top-line Yet despite living such a 'connected' life, kids these days still find technology a These activities seem to be making up for not spending as much physical time with their friends as they'd like - which seems to be most of the time. On the weekends, when typical young adults have the most free time, they are still spending more t