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İngilizce kelime ve yapı bilginizi geliştrip dünyadan ve Türkiye'den haberleri okuyarak genel kültürünüzü de artırabileceğiniz okuma parçaları

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Religious officials, police and charitable groups are temperatures hitting 45 degrees Celsius, many people in Gaziantep waited in line Wednesday to The Green Party has jumped into the With "yes" and "no" becoming The Religious Affairs Directorate has issued a Early reports from Free coal to Turkish poor: When is the poster battle in S Turkey Do not for

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While the average life research on the genetic In the largest study of its kind, the Dr. Sebastiani said that the "genetics is Only about 1 in 6,000 reach the age of 100 in industrialized countries, and most of them    Vocabulary Exercise 

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If you drive along the The The coast road is a areas with During your trip you can find peace and quite in small communities on islands right out at the ocean's If you are If the weather gets too   Vocabulary Exercises       The Fjord Coast Route 

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by SUZAN FRASER  ANKARA, Turkey — Turkey has closed its Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters in Toronto that Turkey A Turkish government official said, however, that the ban was for Israeli military flights and that commercial flights were not affected. It was not a On Sunday, Israel's Yediot Ahronot newspaper reported that Turkey had not allowed a plane carrying Israeli military officers, The Is

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28 June 2010, Monday  say a tropical storm The logistics of containing the oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico are Any system with winds over 46 mph (74 kph) could force BP to Forecasts show Alex "We all know the weather is Work would also stop on the two relief wells being drilled to take the pressure off the blown-out well, considered the only Once a storm's expected direction is determined,  

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Tuesday, 22 June 2010  Have you ever If so, you could be the country's latest gadget "It's a very young field of research, but there is some evidence to suggest that girls who spend too much time on Facebook Teenagers, necessarily, are a high-risk group, as are those who've had a  How to tell if you're       Tech addict: When you just can't switch off 

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Monday, 14 June 2010  fighting has continued in south Kyrgyzstan in the country's worst ethnic violence in years, say reports. 117 people have been killed in three days of fighting between Kyrgyz and ethnic Uzbeks. The city of Osh was The Mr Bakiyev still has The south of Kyrgyzstan, an ex-Soviet Central Asian state of 5.5 million people, is home to an ethnic Uzbek Mass burials Izzat Ibragimov,

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This Ancient Parsa - homeland of the Persians and the source of the name so often given to the entire land - contains not only an enormous number of prehistoric sites with nearly 1 ,000 identified in the Marvdasht alone , but the major Achaemenian and Sassanian Persepolis is situated 58 Kilometers from Shiraz. A large The  Important places:  By far the largest and most magnificent building is th

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Rio de Janeiro, known as the cidade maravilhosa (marvelous city), is nothing if not With the This idea of paradise has Copacabana Beach A Ipanema Beach  Although the beaches of Ipanema and Leblon are one long beach, the postos(posts) along them subdivide the beach into areas as Cristo Redentor One of Rio's most identifiable Vocabulary Exercises      Rio de Janeiro 

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010   GÖKSEL BOZKURT  Although their leader is Along with his A group of youth from CHP's Maltepe branch, meanwhile, started Tuesday a hunger strike at Baykal's residence in a show of support. Baykal The CHP is also evaluating a possible Another Vocabulary Exercise      CHP searches for 'comeback formula' for Baykal