Binlerce Özbek Şiddet ve Katliamdan Kaçıyor - Fresh Fires Burn in Kyrgyzstan as Ethnic Uzbeks Flee

06/15/2010 00:00:00

Fresh fires burn in Kyrgyzstan as ethnic Uzbeks flee

Monday, 14 June 2010

Sporadicfighting has continued in south Kyrgyzstan in the country's worst ethnic violence in years, say reports.

At least117 people have been killed in three days of fighting between Kyrgyz and ethnic Uzbeks.

The city of Osh wasrelativelyquiet on Monday, saidcorrespondents, but fresh fires were reported in Jalalabad. Tens of thousands of Uzbeks havefledto Uzbekistan. Some have accused security forces of failing to stop - or joining in - the attacks.

Theexactcause of the latestclashesis unclear, but it comes two months after President Kurmanbek Bakiyev wasoustedin a violentuprising.

Mr Bakiyev still hassupportersin the south of the country and there have been concerns that hisoverthrowmightexacerbatehistoricaltensionbetween the ethnic groups. Mr Bakiyev has denied anyinvolvementin the latest violence.

The south of Kyrgyzstan, an ex-Soviet Central Asian state of 5.5 million people, is home to an ethnic Uzbekminorityof almost one million. The clashes are the worst ethnic violence to hit southern Kyrgyzstan since 1990, when several hundred people were killed. Kyrgyzstan was then part of the Soviet Union, which sent introopstoquelltheunrest.

Mass burials

Izzat Ibragimov, the deputy head of emergency services in Uzbekistan, told the AFP news agency 60,000 adult refugees had been officially counted in the country's Andijan region. Thousands more children were with them, he said.

Some of the refugees accused the military ofsiding witharmedgangsof ethnic Kyrgyz.

There were reports of bodies lying in the streets and insmoulderingbuildings, and ofmassburials being carried out. Some Uzbek men were guarding their homes from potential attacks.


Vocabulary Exercise

Those children from ..... groups suffer from discrimination.
  • exact
  • mass
  • minority
I don't want to ..... the situation. Please be reasonable.
  • exacerbate
  • exacerbates
  • exacerbated
Violent ..... occured between police and demonstrators.
  • troops
  • clashes
  • gangs

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