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MANILA, Philippines - As online media created shared The list, produced "The globe has "For these reasons we performed two The two analyses were  

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Monday, 14 June 2010  fighting has continued in south Kyrgyzstan in the country's worst ethnic violence in years, say reports. 117 people have been killed in three days of fighting between Kyrgyz and ethnic Uzbeks. The city of Osh was The Mr Bakiyev still has The south of Kyrgyzstan, an ex-Soviet Central Asian state of 5.5 million people, is home to an ethnic Uzbek Mass burials Izzat Ibragimov,

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Jessica Shepherd   The Guardian, Tuesday 23 February 2010  On Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 12-year-old Abigail Appetey is There are 41 million girls around the world who should be in primary school all week, but aren't, the Department for International Development says. At least 20 million of them are, like Abigail, in sub-Saharan Africa. Here in Asesewa - one of Ghana's poorest Almost 80%

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Posted Wednesday, February 10, 2010 4:04 PM Jeneen Interlandi It's been two days since Anderson Cooper Don't get me wrong, as a reporter who's struggled to cover the situation in Haiti from a desk in New York, I'm both But as a viewer I was It's tough to keep stories like Haiti in the spotlight for more than a few weeks. Not because the story isn't important or doesn't deserve sustained coverage.

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By Leonard Doyle in Immokalee, Florida Published: 19 December 2007 Migrant workers chained beaten and forced into debt, exposing the human cost of producing cheap food. Three Florida fruit-pickers, held When they found The migrants were not only forced to work in sub-human conditions but Their story of slavery and abuse in the fruit fields of sub-tropical Florida Between December and May, Florida

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By Daily Mail Reporter 16th March 2009 Using 'Miss' and 'Mrs' has been banned by leaders of the European Union because they are not considered politically correct. Brussels bureaucrats have decided the words are The booklet warns European politicians they must avoid referring to a woman's This also means Madame and Mademoiselle, Frau and Fraulein and Senora and Senorita are banned. 'Political corr