2010'un en çok konuşulan haberleri: Dünya Kupası, İPad, Wikileaks - 2010 Top News stories: World Cup, iPad, Wikileaks

12/28/2010 12:49:26

MANILA, Philippines - As online media created sharedexperiencesout ofnewstriggeredbyglobalandtraditionalmedia, the Top News Stories of 2010 had the South African World Cup, the iPad Launch, the Rise of China, US Healthcare Reform, and Wikileaksrankingthe highest.

The list, producedexclusivelyby media analytics and trendtrackingcompany Global Language Monitor, wasnotablefor two firsts: "the first time a sporting event tops the list and the first time a productlaunchcontendsfor the top spot," a statement said.

"The globe haswitnessedthe major news sources of the 20th centuryfragmentinto thousands of micro-focusedoutletsin the twenty-first. At the same time, the major global media are playing an ever-more important role when major events occur, asaggregatecommunities for shared experiences,' Paul JJ Payack, President and Chief Word Analyst of the Global Language Monitor, said in a statement.

"For these reasons we performed twoindependentanalyses. The first focused on the number ofcitationsfound over thecourseof the year on the Internet, blogosphere, and social media sites. The second focused on the top 75,000 print and electronic media sites," he explained.

The two analyses werecombinedto produce thefollowingfinalranking:

  1. South African World Cup -- The South African World Cuptoweredover all other news stories.
  2. iPad - A productlaunchis the No. 2 worldwide news story!?
  3. Rise of China - Top Story of the First Decade of the 21st century, still very strong.
  4. Health Care Reform - Thedebateover the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act continuesunabated.
  5. Wikileaks - Not a wiki in the usualsenseof 'an open environment which anyone can edit,' the story of revealedinstitutionalsecrets that will continue toresonatewell into 2011.
  6. Tea Party - The US political movement whichemphasizesscaled back governmentintrusion, influence and spending.
  7. Fall of Obama - His fall isrelativeto the great heights to which he.
  8. Gulf Oil Spill - Anunprecedentedenvironmental catastrophe broadcast live around the world via the BP Spillcam.
  9. Haitian Earthquake - Hundreds of thousands killed, millionsdisplacedand theagonycontinues.
  10. Political Anger and Rage -Frustrationin the US and much of the developed world about the financial and political situation.
  11. EU Financial Crisis - The economies of Ireland, Portugal, Greece and Spainthreatento consume Billions of Euros inbailouts.
  12. Shanghai Expo - The "Grand Gathering of the World Cultures' was visited by some 70 million in 2010.
  13. Growth of Facebook - With 400 million members it nowtoutsitself as the fourth largest nation on the planet. However, there is no word of UN membership or plans for a standing army.
  14. Pakistan Floods -Garneredmore attention worldwide than in the US.
  15. Scott Brown Election - Theturnoverof the 'Kennedy seat' after half a century to thisupstart, pickup-driving Republican caused quite a stir.
  16. Tiger Woods -Previouslynotable for the first golfer to earn a billion dollars, the news of his serialinfidelitiescontinues toimpactthe golf world.
  17. British coalition government -- David Cameron and Nick Clegg lead a new coalition into power.
  18. Chilean Miners - The dramatic saga and rescue of Los 33, providedrivetingdrama (and television) to a worldwearyofdishearteningnews.
  19. Polish President Killed -- Lech Kaczynski, his wife, and dozens of high government officials dieden routeto a memorial service honoring the 20,000 Poles who died in the Katyn forest.
  20. Global economic restructuring - Also known as the GreatRecessionin the US, but felt worldwide especially among developed Western nations.
  21. Vuvuzela - The brightly colored plastichornsthat caused muchconsternationat the South African World Cup.
  22. Ground Zero Mosque - Officially known as 45 Park Place, the controversial Islamic center planned a few blocks north ofGround Zero.
  23. Icelandic Volcano - TheunpronounceableEyjafjallajökull volcano thatdisruptedair travel over much of Northern Europe.
  24. Snowmageddon - The unusually heavy snowfalls that virtually shut down Washington, DC during an exceptionally snowy winter.


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