Japonya'da deprem ve tsunamiden sonra hayat devam ediyor - Life is going on in Japan after the earthquake and tsunami

03/31/2011 00:00:00
Watch the video and answer these questions. (Videoyu izleyin ve soruları cevaplayın.)


1. Where is Tatsuya Sukuzi looking for his wife?
  • in bowling alley which is currently used as a mortuary.
  • in the mortuaries of all hospitals.
  • in a car repair shop.
  • in the neighborhood where they used to live.
2. What happened when Tatsuya’s wife saw the tsunami coming?
  • She tried to escape by car but tsunami took them away with her two children.
  • She could reach her cousin’s house and they were all saved.
  • She managed to give the children to her cousin but she was carried away by tsunami.
  • She was so scared that she couldn’t do anything.
3. Tatsuya thinks...
  • He can never find his wife
  • The children can help him find their mother
  • He will never go there to search lists of missing people
  • His wife is living somewhere
4. What gives Tatsuya hope and makes him go and search for his wife every day?
  • The other people’s stories
  • Government officials’ words
  • His children’s naive thoughts and their smiling
  • Repairman’s encouragement
Leave your answers to the questions below as a "comment". (Aşağıdaki sorulara cevaplarınızı "yorum" olarak yazın.)

1. What do you think about the disaster in Japan?

2. What would happen if such a huge earthquake happened in Turkey?

3. What should be done to decrease the damages of earthquakes?


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  • aycanilhan aycanilhan : 03/31/2011 20:05:19
    1. It's an unexpected event and hard to overcome.
    2. We would be panicked and vulnerable.
    3. We should start from the very beginning. I think,education system in Turkey is nearly collapsed and people are becomig more and more uncapable of using their minds and creativity.
    • hemoglobin hemoglobin : 04/01/2011 23:31:18
      I totally agree with you on the third question. We are not educated enough to decide for our own any more.
    • tanil tanil : 04/03/2011 01:46:03
      @aycanilhan: incapable
  • tanil tanil : 04/03/2011 00:51:50
    1) It was one of the most terrifying event which occurred in the last decades.
    2) Thousands of people would die and injured in case of a disaster like that.
    3) Nothing. In Turkey money is more valuable than human life. Isn't this fact as terrifying as an earthquake?
  • evrem81 evrem81 : 04/05/2011 06:26:51
    1)it was one of the bad calamity of the japan and japanese people.
    2)if such a huge earthquake happened in turkey it would be economically ruin of the our country.
    3)earthquake is an inevitable situation but people can take some precautions like as earthquake training, building tough structures,living strong ground places....but the true thing is these are only precautions. japanese people taked these kind of measures but they couldn't cope with this natural calamity.
  • pioneer pioneer : 04/05/2011 12:02:13
    1)I can't understand Japanese people. Although they have been living loads of bad things during the world history , they're calm and respectful eachother
    2) I'm not sure whether or not we will be able to like them
    3) Training is very important ,I think. İn my opinion, our culture is not enough to solve some problems .
  • sibelv67 sibelv67 : 04/06/2011 23:33:20
    1) japanese people are accustomed to this event but this time they look very surprized.
    2) a lot of houses would destroy and many people would die because there aren't any precautions
    3) I don't think something should be done to decrease the damages of earthquakes and I agree with tanil and pioneer.
  • hemoglobin hemoglobin : 04/07/2011 09:51:04
    What I see is all of us are a little hopeless about the solution which is not a surprise to anyone I think.
    Of course you must hear the news about "temporary building license" which permits to the unappropriate buildings for 70 years. 70 years!!!
    How many of us will still be alive even in next 20 years? Everybody say that Turkey should be prepared for a big earthquake, but the government does the vice versa!
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