Eşgüdüm Bağlaçları Alıştırma - Coordinators Exercise

02/11/2010 14:25:06
Fill in the blanks with the appropriate coordinater: "and, but, so, or, for" (Boşlukları eşgüdüm bağlaçlarıdan (and, but, so, or, for) uygun olanıyla doldurunuz.)
1. Ali
I were in the same class in primary school.
2. Lock the door
no one can get in.
3. Everyday I wake up at 8
have my breakfast.
4. I felt hungry
I prepared a sandwich.
5. He plays the guitar
sings folk songs.
6. Step back
I'll call the police.
7. I missed the supper
I'm starving.
8. I will go to school in the afternoon
I can join you in the evening.
9. They are going on a vacation
I will take of their cat.
10. I lost the race
I was ill.
11. There are no buses
you'll have to walk.
12. Things go wrong sometimes
you should keep calm.
13. You should eat more
you'll get ill.
14. I will go to dentist tomorrow
I can't work.
15. I'm really tired
I have to go to the work.

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