İngilizce Şarkı Sözleri - Lyrics ( Orta )

İngilizce şarkı sözleri paylaşımı, sevdiğiniz şarkıları ya da çevirisini kendiniz yaptığınız şarkıları bizimle paylaşın

12/22/2010 11:22:59

In a manner of speaking I just want to say That i could never forget the way You told me everything By saying nothing In a manner of speaking I don't understand How love in silence becomes reprimand But the way i feel about you Is beyond words --- --- --- Give me the words Give me the words That tell me nothing Give me the words That tell me everything --- --- --- In a manner of speaking Semantics

05/12/2010 12:20:20

My Immortal by Evanescence  

04/27/2010 19:30:06

Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd 

04/20/2010 13:11:49

Just Walk Away by Celine Dion