Bağlaçlar (and - but - or - so) Alıştırma - Conjunctions Exercise

01/30/2010 04:26:44
I washed my t-shirt
I couldn' t remove the stain.
Thanks for the presents. I like the book, the handbag
the scarf so much.
Would you like to drink some coke
I want to learn English
I am doing all these exercises.
Yesterday at office there was a free dinner
I wasn't at work.
I don't have her phone number
I cannot call her now.
We agreed at the end
we came into action.
You should choose one of them. You can take this
The weather was cold at the weekend
we didn't go for a picnic.
His friends
family support him on his decision.
We will stay in a hotel
in my friend's apartment.
He is explaining all the steps again
I still don't understand.

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