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4 bölümden oluşan ve toplam 4 saat süren TOEFL IBT şu bölümleri içerir. Bu bölümlerin her birisi 30 puan üzerinden değerlendirilecektir. TOEFL IBT, dildeki 4 temel beceriyi değerlendirir: Konuşma, yazma, dinleme, okuma 

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Do you believe this? Joseph Korzeniowski Conrad, major British novelist, didn't speak a word of English until he was 21.  Success Story How do you compare with Joseph Korzeniowski? Joseph Korzeniowski was born in the Ukraine. His parents were Polish. He left school at 17, went to France and lived there for four years. Then, at the age of 21, he went to England. Unable to speak a word of English, h

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Many new words have been formed in the area of computing in the past few years... and more will soon appear in the market. Many new words have been formed in the area of computing in the past few years. The Information Superhighway and the Internet allow computer users to connect with computers all over the world, and use electronic mail: e-mail, now used by many of us in preference to snail mail,

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- a person who does not like physical activity and prefers to sit down, usually to watch television  Farmers stew over 'couch potato' says the British Potato Council Farmers want A campaign promoting the use instead of said council head of marketing Kathryn Race. The campaign is backed by dieticians who say the vegetable is low in fat and high in vitamin C, the council says. Oxford English Diction

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Oxford Bookworms Library - Stage 3 Victor Frankeinstein is a man trying to find the secret of life. So he created a body from the pieces of dead bodies. But the creature becomes a monster which is very huge and ugly that Victor gets afraid and escapes from the laboratory. When the monster goes out everybody behaves him in a bad way, they even throw things to him and they sometimes hurt him. That'

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Oxford Bookworms Library - Stage 2 Carol Sanders is a girl living with her family in Hong Kong. She likes listening to the music and her favourite singers are David Bowie and Jake Rosso. One day his father goes to Australia and he dies ina plane accident. Carol gets very sad. After her father's death she gives up listening to music at all. And she and her mother go to England to start a new life.

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Penguin Classics  There is a man whose name is Fogg. He has five friends and a servant. He isn't an interesting one, his life is too monotonous. Everyday he does the same things at the same time. He goes to the same club and play card with his friends.  Then he starts his journey with his servant. He experiences lots of interesting things during his journey. He helps other people whenever they ar

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Stage 3 Richard is a lonely man who is tired of his life in London. He is fed up with his life. Then one day his neighbour, Scudder wants Richard do a favour to him. Scudder knows secret politics information so he is in danger. That's why he wants to stay in Richard's house for a few days. Some people want to kill him since he knows the secrets about the Prime Minister. Richard trusts Scudder and