The Thirty-Nine Steps - "The Thirty-Nine Steps' by John Buchan

02/01/2010 21:56:47

"The Thirty-Nine Steps' by John Buchan

Stage 3

Richard is a lonely man who is tired of his life in London. He is fed up with his life. Then one day his neighbour, Scudder wants Richard do a favour to him. Scudder knows secret politics information so he is in danger. That's why he wants to stay in Richard's house for a few days. Some people want to kill him since he knows the secrets about the Prime Minister. Richard trusts Scudder and hides him in his flat. Scudder gives him a notebook and wants him to go to the police. But he finds Shudder's death body before he could go to the police. Now Richard is in danger.

He starts to think of a plan. He disguises with the milkman who comes to the house and escapes from home. When he gets out of the house, he looks at the notebook and sees the only sentence in it "Thirty-nine steps'. At that time his adventurous journey starts. He has lots of problems; even he stays in caves hungry and thirsty. He walks and walks and at last finds a house. Unfortunately the man inside is a friend of the murderer so he locks him into the attic. At midnight he jumps out of the window. While escaping, he sees a fisherman who is his old friend. At that time, the telephone rings and they learn that the Minister is shot and now the turn is the President of France. Richard is able to reach a detective who works for the government. At the end of the story the real murderers are caught and Richard prevents a war between the two countries.

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