İngilizce Hikayeler - Short Stories ( Orta )

İleri seviyeler için edebi kısa hikayeler

03/18/2010 12:12:11

Native Indian Folk Tales (Yaqui Tribe) A long time ago, One day he thought of something. He began to "Well," the owl answered him, "Worry no more about your coat of feathers. I will lend you some, and I shall ask also that the other birds lend you one feather  That is how the Owl sent a messenger all around to the birds, asking them to please come to a seeing him, everyone felt very sorry for him.

02/08/2010 17:18:21

In Well, in ancient times, on the pathway leading around to Fat Mountain, there was one of these Beetles running about in all directions in the sunshine, when a Coyote came said he, The Beetle immediately  replied the Coyote. cried the Beetle, with his head still to the ground. So the Coyote exclaimed the Coyote. exclaimed the Beetle,with a shake of his head. cried the Coyote. The Beetle, in pure 

02/08/2010 16:06:58

Here is a lovely story written by Yaşar Kemal. It is about a little boy who wants to have white trousers so much. Will he be able to wear the white trousers at the end? Let's read and see... It was hot. Mustafa held the old shoe. He thought he would never be able to repair it. He looked at the The cobbler was silent. Mustafa was trying to repair the shoe again when Hasan Bey, a he said. asked the

02/06/2010 15:48:34

said the mouse, said the cat, and ate it up. A Little Fable by Franz Kafka