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By Richard Garner, Education Editor   Monday, 1 March 2010  First the good news: boys are reading as much as girls. Now the bad: the books they choose are far less The The The study notes that both sexes tend to choose books that are easier to read once they reach the age of 11 and transfer to secondary school. Compared with a similar study two years ago, the Harry Potter author JK Rowling has 

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Liz Ford March 6, 2008 Thousands of girls around the world are not attending school through fear of physical attack or sexual abuse by teachers and fellow pupils, an Amnesty International report claimed today. The report, Safe schools - every girl's right, found that girls frequently faced While boys were also subjected to some violent attack, girls were more often targeted. "Every day, girls face

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February 18, 2009, 10:19 am Dallas artist John Bramblitt to get his vision back in some way, Mr. Bramblitt "It wasn't until I lost my sight that I became brave enough to fail,' he said. "Even if the paintings didn't look good, I didn't have to see them.' A 

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By Liz Seward Science reporter, Festival of Science, York Humans and other apes find yawning infectious. Yawning may reveal more about a person than their boredom  A "Contagious yawning is a very interesting Eyes have it. Recent neuro-imaging has shown that the same area of the brain is involved when Each student was shown to an The results showed that those who had Catriona Morrison said: "We tho

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The History of Father's Day By Beverly Hernandez, The United States is one of the few countries in the world that has an official day on which fathers are The origin of Father's Day is not clear. Some say that it began with a church service in West Virginia in 1908. Others say the first Father's Day ceremony was held in Vancouver, Washington. The president of the Chicago when the first t

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Observer Christmas appeal 2009: make a change to Stella's life Amelia Gentleman , The Observer This year we have teamed up with a small Ugandan NGO, the Mvule Trust, to provide education When the The nurses struggled to cope with the Stella, now 21, tells this story not so much to evoke sympathy but to explain why she is determined to return to college and study The difficulties began when the ant