Issız bir yerde üç ay - Three months in the outback

03/29/2011 00:10:00
three months in the outbreak

When a walking skeleton over six feet tall (nearly 1,10 meters)appearedin front of his jeep in April 2006, Mark Clifford, a farm manager in aremoteplace in Northern Australia , must have thought he wasseeing things. Theskeletonwas 35-year-old Ricky Megee, he had been lost in theoutbackfor anincredible10 weeks.

apparentlydrugged and left for dead by ahitch-hikerwhom he hadpicked up(thoughhe also claimed his car had broken down), Megee survived, he stayed close to adamand eatingleeches,grasshoppers, andfrogs.

While police and the public haddoubtsabout the story,especiallywhen itcame to lightthat Megee had minor drugconvictions, there’s no question that he was lost in the outback, for whatever reason, and lucky to have survived.

Answer the question below.

What happened to the man?
  • Somebody beat him when he was hitch-hiking
  • He was kidnapped.
  • No one knows what happened.
  • He was trying to steal cars, but he was thrown there.

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