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İngilizce öğretim metodları, öğretmenlerin bu konularda fikir ve deneyim paylaşımlarına ulaşabilirsiniz.

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Linguistic Intelligence Logical-Mathematical Intelligence Spatial Intelligence Musical Intelligence Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence Interpersonal Intelligence Intrapersonal Intelligence 

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1- Tape-recording student conversation: Students are asked to have a conversation about anything they want in L1. The teacher gives TL translation. Conversation has been recorded and replied. 2- Transcription: to see the written form. 3- Reflection on experience: they criticize their own feeling. Students reflect how they feel about the experience. The teacher doesn't repeat what the learner says,

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These are real comments made by teachers on their student report cards. 

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In the traffic court of a large mid-western city, a young lady was brought before the judge to answer a ticket given her for driving through a red light. She explained to his honor that she was a school teacher and requested an immediate disposal of her case in order that she might hasten on to her classes. A wild gleam came into the judge's eye. Five Hundred Times 

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Answer these 12 questions and learn more about your classroom management profile. The steps are simple: The result is your classroom management profile. Your score for each management style can range from 3 to 15. A high score indicates a strong preference for that particular style. After you have scored your quiz, and determined your profile, read the descriptions of each management style. You ma

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P.S. Remember, a smile is worth 1000 Words! 100 Ways To Praise A Child