Zeka anketi (Çoklu zeka) - Intelligence Questionnaire (Multiple Intelligence)

09/02/2010 15:19:03

Linguistic Intelligence

___ I can hear words in my head before I read, speak or write them down.
___ I learn more from listening to the radio or a spoken-work cassette than from elevision or films.
___ I enjoy games like Scrabble.
___ I enjoy entertaining myself or others with tongue twisters, nonsense rhymes, or puns.
___ Other people sometimes have to ask me to explain the meaning of the words I use in my writing and speaking.
___ English, social studies, and history were easier for me in school than maths and science.
___ My conversation includes frequent references to things that I've read or heard.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

___ I can double or triple a cooking recipe or carpentry measurement in my head.
___ I beat my friends in chess, checkers. Go or other strategy games.
___ I wonder a lot about how certain things work.
___ I believe that most things have a rational explanation.
___ I sometimes think in clear, abstract, wordless, imageless concepts.
___ I like finding logical flaws in things that people say and do at home and work.
___ I feel more comfortable when something has been measured, categorised, analysed, or quantified in some way.

Spatial Intelligence

___ I often see clear visual images when I close my eyes.
___ I like recording events with a camera or camcorder.
___ enjoy solving jigsaw puzzles, mazes, or other visual puzzles.
___ I have vivid -dreams at night.
___ I can generally find my way around unfamiliar territory.
___ Geometry was easier for me than algebra at school.
___ I can comfortably imagine how something might appear if it were looked down upon from directly above, in a bird's eye view.

Musical Intelligence

___ I can tell when a musical note is off-key.
___ I frequently listen to musical selections on radio, records, cassettes or compact discs.
___ l play a musical instrument.
___ I catch myself sometimes walking down the street with a television jingle or other tune running through my mind.
___ I know the tunes to many different songs or musical pieces.
___ If I hear a tune once or twice, I am usually able to sing it back fairly accurately.
___ I often make tapping sounds or sing little melodies while working, studying or learning something new.

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

___ I play at least one sport or physical activity regularly.
___ I find it difficult to sit still for long.
___ I like working with my hands.
___ My best ideas often come to me when I'm out for a walk, a jog, or doing some physical activity.
___ I frequently use hand gestures or other forms of body language when conversing.
___ I enjoy dare-devil amusement rides, or similar thrilling physical experiences.
___ I need to practise a new skill by doing it rather than simply reading about it or seeing a video that describes it.

Interpersonal Intelligence

___ I'm considered someone that people come to for advice.
___ I prefer group sports to solo sports.
___ When I've got a problem, I'm more likely to seek out another person for help than attempt to work it out on my own.
___ I prefer social pastimes like bridge to individual recreations such as video games.
___ I enjoy the challenge of teaching another person, or groups of people, what I know how to do.
___ I consider myself a leader (or others have called me that).
___ I feel comfortable in a crowd.

Intrapersonal Intelligence

___ I regularly spend time alone to meditate, or think about important life questions.
___ I have attended counselling sessions or personal growth seminars to learn more about myself.
___ I have unique thoughts about things that others don't seem to understand.
___ I consider myself to be strong-willed or fiercely independent.
___ I have a special hobby or interest that I keep pretty much to myself.
___ I have some important goals for my life that I think about on a regular basis.
___ I keep a personal diary or journal to record the events of my inner life.

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