Geçmiş Zaman Alıştırma 2 - Was, Were, Did Test 2

03/08/2010 18:36:43

Boşlukları "Was - Were - Did" yardımcılarından uygun olanla doldurun.

you a happy or unhappy child?
2. Which food
you like when you were a child?
you have breakfast yesterday morning?
4. Who
your hero when you were a child?
5. When
you ride a bike for the first time?
your father born before 1960?
you ill yesterday?
8. When
you meet your best friend?
9. What
your dream job when you were a child?
10. Where
you live in your childhood?
11. What
the name of your first teacher?
12. At what age
you first swim?
13. What
your favourite game when you were a child?
you sleeping at 10 o'clock last night? I called you but you didn't answer.
you go to cinema last month?
17. Which food
you hate when you were a child?
18. Where
you last weekend?
19. How many times
you see a dentist last year?
20. What
the name of your elementary school?
21. What colour
your hair as a baby?
your parents young when they got married?
you have a bicycle when you were 5?

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