Şahıs Zamirleri Alıştırma - Personal Pronouns Exercise

02/01/2010 14:54:35
Boşlukları şahıs zamirlerinin uygun formları ile doldurun.
I am telling you. Please listen to
Murat and Alper are ready.
are going to Bursa.
She gets angry very quickly. She can't control
I know both of
well. They have been working here for years.
Look at the car! How clean
These are my friends.
names are Deniz and Sinem.
It is a nice cat.
name is Mırmır.
She has got a very good family.
parents are teachers.
We work in the same company.
company has lots of social activities.
They have got another idea but our solution is more functional than
You are supposed to do your homework
He is so desperate. Do you want to help
I know him very well. He is an old friend of
My brother and I have been working on this project and we have done everything

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