Şahıs Zamirleri - 2 - Object - Subject Pronouns

07/19/2010 10:42:42
İngilizce'de şahıs isimlerinin yerinin tutan zamirler:
  • özne (ben) : I, you, we, they, he, she, it
  • nesne (beni, bana) : me, you, us, them, him, her, it
1. My father always reads newspaper in the mornings.
loves reading the news.
2. Hello, my name is Görkem,
'm your new teacher.
3. Marry likes working a lot but
is ill right now.
4. Herry and Jim are very close friends.
are always together.
5. A: Do
like playing basketball? B: Yes. A: Let's play.
6. Neil and I will watch the match together;
will go to the pub on the corner.
7. Tuğba!!! Ayla and I are going to the swimming pool. Will
come with
8. Ayşe goes to cinema every week.
often invites
to go with her. I like watching films.
9. Veli kicked the dog, because
10. A: You can tell
the problem. B:
's about the school.
11. I'll give the money to
but let me go.
12. Tina and Flip are sleeping. Don't disturb
13. Alice also needs to fill this form. Please pass the paper to
14. If you don't need the jacket, give
to me.
15. A: What a beautiful ring this is! B: You can take
if you like. A: Thanks a lot.

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