Şah Mat - Check Mate

02/21/2011 14:18:53

checkmateis a chess term meaing that the opponent has no chance but to give his king. The title of the news isdeliberatelywritten as two seperate words, because the Chineese government is trying to checkmate bigamy and infidelity by putting all the marriages records, that is, checking the mates.


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listen to the news here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/news/2011/01/110106_chinamarriage.shtml

Comprehension Questions

1. The government in China.....
  • doesn’t care much about the social change
  • is hopeful about decreasing the divorces
  • punishes severly those who cheat
2. Why was the man in the factory punished?
  • Having an affair was illegal but it is legal now
  • Having an affair was illigal, it is still not legal but it’s not searched as much as before
  • He was cheating his wife who was a worker in the factory
3. How do men feel about having a mistress?
  • In old traditions to have mistress was a sign of wealth and power but nowadays it is a shame.
  • They are proud of it because they think it is an indicator of power.
  • They like being in public with their mistresses.
4. What are the statistics about?
  • The rate of cheating
  • The rate of divorce
  • The rate of married people who are cheated by their spouses
5. What doesn’t “social fracture” cause in China?
  • Divorces are rising
  • People start having sex in earlier ages
  • The young have more home parties than before
6. What does “STD” stands for?
  • Sexual Transposed Dimention
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease
  • Sexual Trouble Divorce
7. Which of the options below isn’t mentioned as the reason of social change in China?
  • The young are more independent and have more private life
  • People have more income than before and more freedom to choose their own way of living
  • People live in small conservative societies which have pressure on them

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