Geçmiş Zaman (-yordu) Alıştırma - Past Perfect, Past Perfect Continuous and Past Simple Exercise

02/11/2010 18:51:44
Fill in the blanks with appropriate form of the verb in the brackets. [Past perfect, past perfect continuous or past simple] (Boşlukları parantez içinde verilen fiilin uygun haliyle doldurunuz.)
1. I
(wait) for half an hour when he
(eat) anything before we arrived?
3. She
(already / teach) for three years when she
(graduate) from university.
4. When I
(arrive) Pelin
(already / leave).
5. When Hande finally
(arrive) we
(sit) there for two hours.
6. Pınar said she
(drive) since she
(have) an accident two years ago.
7. By the time the ambulance
(arrive), two people
8. I was too late, she
(already / go).
9. Leyla
(work) at the office until the boss came.
10. Tamer was so tired because he
(walk) for hours.
11. My parents
(wait) in the hospital until the operation
12. I
(talk) for over one hour when Öznur

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