Yardımcı fillerin geçmişi - Alıştırma - Past of modal verbs - Exercise

11/08/2010 16:11:34

Boşlukları "can't have ... , could have..., may have ... , must have ... , needn't have ... , shouldn't have ..." yardımcı fiillerinden uygun olanıyla ve parantez içindeki fiiin uygun haliyle boşlukları doldurunuz.

1. Mesut had enough time to help me but he preferred to watch tv. Mesut
2. Kutay has been ill for two weeks, he didn't take any pills. He
some pills. (take)
3. The house is so big. You
it alone. (clean)
4. Alper
a taxi. (take) Taksim is very close to here. He could have walked.
5. Meral
so quickly (decide) ; she hurried a lot.
6. Aslı didn't want to be a hostess. If she had wanted, she
flying now. (be)
7. Deniz wasn't very good at drawing but now she draws like a professional. She
a lot. (practice)
8. You were playing voilin very well when you were young. If you hadn't stopped practising, you
a famous musician.
9. Your sister was so sad. You
with her earlier. (talk)
10. - Why is the door open? I locked it when was going out. - Mom
here. (come)
11. I'm very angry with her. She has read my diary. She
my diary. (read)
12. I saw her at the market minutes ago, she
at home now. (be)
13. -Does anyone know where Ahmet is? - He
ill. He was feeling a little weak yesterday.
14. It's very kind of you, but you
me a present. (buy)
15. Aylin didn't study a lot so she failed her exam. She
more. (study)

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