Sıfat & Zarf - Alıştırma - Adjective & Adverb Exercise

08/30/2010 16:52:51
Fill in the blanks with appropriate the word. (Boşlukları kelimelerden uygun olanıyla doldurun.)

careful - carefully

1. There is no mistake at all since we have done it very
2. You should be more
when the road is icy.

loud - loudly

3. There was a
noise at the pub last night so we had to speak

dangerous - dangerously

4. Sometimes, driving at night can be very
5. He drives
I'm worried about him.

good - well

6. We didn't sleep
7. This is a very

delicious - deliciously

8. These cakes look
. May I have one?
9. Is it possible to cook
without salt?

smooth - smoothly

10. She's an awful driver. She can't park the car
11.The plane made a

patient - patiently

12. Please try to be more
13. I've been waiting
for this annoucment.

quick - quickly

14. It is important to chew what you eat. You mustn't eat
15. I contacted the bank and they gave me a

polite - politely

16. If you ask him
he will borrow his phone.
17. You should be
in your dealings in the professional world.

clear - clearly

18. If you're a boss, it's really worth the extra effort to make sure you're giving the instructions
19. When you give a speech try to be as
as possible.

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