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01/22/2010 19:04:42

Positive Contractions

I'm: I am --- I'm going to home.

I'll: I will --- I'll be waiting for you.

I'd: I had / I would --- I'd been waiting for you that guy came and say something I didn't undertand. OR I'd rather stay at home than going that boring places.

I've: I have --- I've been looking for you.

You're: You are --- You're being too rude to me.

You'll: You will --- You'll be sorry!

You'd : You had / would --- You'd better leave now. OR You'd have been the manager by now if you had wanted enouhg.

You've: You have --- You've seen enough.

He's: He is / has --- He's going to go on a vacation. OR He's to give the report in time.

He'll: He will --- He'll get ill if he keeps walking around with that very thin coat.

He'd: He had / would --- He'd have gone if he had heard you. OR He'd come before us.

She's: She is / has --- She's reading at the moment. OR She's been twice in Paris.

She'll: She will --- She'll go her hometown next week.

She'd : She had / would --- She'd been working for six hours when she noticed she was hungry. OR She'd come us often.

It's: It is / has ---: It's been long time since we saw each other last. OR It's very difficult to concentrate.

It'll: It will --- It'll be hard to stay calm when the truth reveals.

It'd: It would / had --- It'd be impossible without your help. OR It'd been a long time.

We're: We are --- We're doing great at the work.

We'll: We will --- We'll be gone by seven

We'd: We had would --We'd been on the stage before anyone of us. OR We'd have waited for you but we couldn't see you.

We've: We have --- We've been waiting for you!

They're: They are --- They're having a picnic tomorrow.

They'll: They will --- They'll make things harder for us.

They'd: They had / would --- They'd been eating their lunch when she stopped by to say hello. OR They'd be very happy to see you.

They've: They have --- They've got baby-boy.

There's: There is / has --- There's a lot of reasons to go on. OR There's been too many telephone calls today!

There'll: There will --- There'll be another saloon for theconcert.

There'd : There had / would --- There'd better be a good explanation for this. OR There'd be somewhere else.

That's: That is / has --- That's what you want. OR That's been going on for years and yearsd now.

That'll: That will --- That'll be a very good surprise to her.

That'd: That had / would --- That'd be the reason why. OR That'd happened before my time.

Negative Contractions

aren't: are not --- They aren't here.

can't: cannot --- I can't stand her shrill voice.

couldn't: could not --- He couldn't live without her.

didn't: did not --- We didn't do anything wrong.

doesn't: does not --- She doesn't have breakfast.

don't: do not --- They don't want to come.

hadn't: had not --- I hadn't thought of that!

hasn't: has not --- She hasn't come yet.

isn't: is not --- She isn't listening to you.

mustn't: must not --- Children mustn't play with fire.

needn't: need not --- You needn't worry about that.

shouldn't: should not --- You shouldn't smoke cigarettes.

wasn't: was not --- I wasn't joking when I said that.

weren't: were not --- They weren't invited to the party.

won't: will not --- I won't be able to attend the conference.

wouldn't: would not --- She wouldn't be surprised if he showed up at the party.

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