Infinitive Alan Fiiller - Verbs followed by Infinitive

01/22/2010 17:08:27
agree Tom agreed to help me.
appear His health appeared to be better.
arrange Naomi arranged to stay with her cousin in Miami.
care He doesn't care to participate in the activity.
claim She claimed to be a princess.
decide We decided to go to Hawaii.
demand He demanded to speak to Mr. Harris.
deserve He deserves to go to jail.
fail He failed to get enough money to pay for the new project.
get Debbie gets to go to the concert next week! Why can't I?
happen She happened to be at the bank when it was robbed.
hesitate She hesitated to tell me the problem.
hope I hope to begin college this year.
intend We intend to visit you next spring.
learn I learned to speak Japanese when I was a kid.
manage He managed to open the door without the key.
offer Frank offered to drive us to the supermarket.
plan We plan to go to Europe this summer.
pretend The child pretended to be a monster.
refuse The guard refused to let them enter the building.
seem Nancy seemed to be disappointed.
swear She swore to tell the truth.
tend He tends to be a little shy.
vow He vowed to get revenge.
wait She waited to buy a movie ticket.
yearn Melanie yearns to travel somewhere exotic.

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