Güney Afrika İngilizcesi - South African English

04/04/2011 14:43:00
bakgat well done, cool, awesome
bakkie pick up/truck
bonsella surprise gift
braai barbeque
bru brother/friend
cherry girl friend
dagga marijuana
deurmekaar confused, disorganised
doek a head scarf worn to protect a woman's hair
donner thunder
doos like a bad person
dop an alcoholic drink
fixed up that's good
flog sell
frikkadel a traditional meatball
fundi expert, teacher or preacher
globe light bulb
gogo grandmother or elderly woman
hang of very or big
hap taste, bite
howzit how are you
indaba conference
ja yes
ja well no fine expression of indifference
khaya home
kif cool, neat, great or wonderful
klippies brandy
koppie a small hill
lekker nice, pleasant or enjoyable
ma mother
mampara an idiot, a silly person
my china my friend/mate
nappy diaper
really? or is that so? (Often used sarcastically)
now-now shortly, in a bit
pa father
packet shopping bag
pasop beware, watch out
robot traffic lights
sarmie sandwich
scale steal
skelm a criminal
smoke cigarettes
takkies trainers
tom money
toppie old man
voetsek go away
vrot rotten
zol cigarette made out of tobacco or weed or both

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